Command Day Secondary School, Ikeja
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About Us

Command day secondary school Ikeja,was founded in September 1981, along with CDSS Ojo by the Nigerian Army through Education Corps and School (NAECS). This made them to be the pioneer command day secondary schools in Nigeria.
Command day secondary school Ikeja, was established primarily to cater for the ward of the military personnel and ensure continuity of their education at Secondary level. Secondly, it was also intended to complement the efforts of both the States and Federal government in bringing post primary education to all at affordable cost. Thirdly, the school is to serve as a model secondary school to all existing ones because of the inherent discipline in the military.
The first location of the school was command children school annex in the cantonment. It was later relocated to its permanent site in 1985, in the same cantonment; from where it moved to the present site on 4th February, 2002; after the bomb explosions in January 2002.
Unique features of the school
The school is co-educational and has civilian and military children together. The school has a Military Head and Civilian Staff from the Ministry of Defence and also casual workers.
The motto of the school is “Discipline and Knowledge
Historical background

The school was founded in September 1981 and the first commandant was Major Christopher Joseph Ibikunle Falayi (Rtd). The school started with forms 1 and 2 at the same time. There were five classes: three arms of form 1 and two arms of form 2. The students were drawn from the Ikeja Military cantonment and they enjoyed free education. In 1982, Lt Col Adeleye was initially posted to CDSS Ojo, while Major Ajayi was posted to Ikeja, they later swapped the appointment. Command day secondary school started at the temporary site of the former command children school annex.
In 1985, the school moved to the permanent site with classes 1-4 and had its first common entrance examination in the year 1984, using children from the barracks. The first set of class 1 students who came in through entrance examination was in 1985.In 1986, the school was accredited for WASC, but because of lack of equipment, the students were sent to CSS (Ipaja) Lagos, to write the first West African Certificate Examination. From 1987, Command day secondary school Ikeja, started to present students for WAEC Examinations. In 1988, the 6-3-3-4 system of education was introduced by the federal government but the school did not transit automatically. The school gradually moved into the new system and phased out the system by instituting the senior secondary school in 1990 with its first SSCE in 1991. The junior school progressed from 1988 and has its first JSCE Exams in 1990.

Quality of School Management
Both staff and students are committed to the advancement of getting quality education in the school, though there are few ones that are nonchalant, but the management is on them for a better change. The school’s record are maintained as expected. There is good team spirit among the staff and the students. The relationship between the school and the parents is excellent. The school rely more on the parents for developmental inputs.

Quality of Teaching and Learning
The school has a total of 226 teaching staff both temporary and permanent and they are deployed accordingly. The infrastructures are maintained and in some areas, new ones are placed where necessary. The school has standard science labs but the library is not equipped. The students do actively participate in curricular and extra-curricular activities. The students do exploit the availability of the cantonment sports ground. Most of the teachers do have lesson plan as expected but some have to be monitored closely same with the students. The standard of teaching and learning is encouraging. The classroom management in the senior school is difficult due to the class’s population. However, the teachers are really doing well in managing the classes. Though, delivery is expected upon every teacher but some have exceptional qualities than others. Teaching aids are well used in CDSS Ikeja. There is always good response from students during lesson. The quality and range of assessment employed by the teachers during lesson is also professional.

Command light is an Annual Magazine which was instituted by retired Col. DE Uwadia with the maiden Edition published in July 1995. So far, CDSS Ikeja has produced 10 editions of highly educative, informative and entertaining magazine which had afforded the staff and students the opportunity to exhibit their writing skills and manifest their talents.

This citadel of learning strives for excellence in all human endeavours. This institution’s consisted record of enviable academic performance and moral excellence has endeared the school into the hearts of both military and civilian parents. As a result, parents from various facets of societal life desire to have their wards enrolled in this citadel of learning. It is noteworthy that despite the throes and harrowing hardship which the staff and students passed through during and after the bomb blast, the school is still able to maintain its frontline position of academic excellence, athletic wonders and moral soundness.
Therefore, command day secondary school, Ikeja has exceeded its initial purpose of serving as a welfare school. Today, the school has in its care, children from average and above average families who sincerely desire to acquire academic and moral discipline needed to excel in all fields of endeavours. Since the end product of excellence is leadership, our desire is to produce a perfect learning environment targeted at bringing out the best in our student in academic, moral and extra-curricular activities.
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